Zoom Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Silver Spring 

The ZOOM Whitening system is the Number 1 requested teeth whitening (or teeth bleaching) system and we are pleased to offer this system.

When you visit our dental office for Zoom teeth whitening, you can be confident that your smile will be whitened. This system is a dependable way to improve the appearance of your smile without undergoing major dental work (like veneers).

zoom-teeth-whiteningWhen you visit our family dental office in Silver Spring Maryland, we will perform a comprehensive examine of your teeth and gums to determine if they are healthy enough for a cosmetic treatment.  If there are signs of gum disease and/or cavities, its best to have them treated first so that you are in good oral health prior to any cosmetic treatment. Once Dr. Raoufinia has cleared you for the procedure, we will proceed with the following:

  • Clean and polish your teeth to ensure that the whitening gel is being placed on clean teeth.
  • We will apply a special lip cream to avoid irritation.
  • Place a retractor in your mouth which will help pull back the lips and expose the teeth.
  • We will also place gauze inside and a special protective solution around the gums to protect the soft tissues.
  • Protective eyewear is used.
  • Finally the whitening gel is evenly applied on and the special laser is turned on to activate the whitening solution.

zoom-systemTypically there are three 15 minute whitening sessions.

Once the process has been completed, we will wipe away any remaining whitening gel, remove the gauze and protective barrier then rinse your mouth.

This system is better than any over the counter product found in stores and online and it can only be provided by a licensed dental professional.

Call us today at 301-565-4555 to make an appointment in our Silver Spring Maryland office with Dr. Nima Raoufinia to review your oral health and discuss the different options that are available to you.

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