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Sensitivity associated with cold drinks or foods can be a bothersome ordeal. The outer layer of the tooth, Enamel, protects the underlying softer layer of Dentin which contains the nerve endings. Once the outer layer is weakened through aggressive brushing, gum recession, clenching and grinding or other forms of trauma, the nerve endings in the Dentinal layer are stimulated and in turn sensitivity occurs. The key is to strengthen the outer Enamel layer to decrease the sensitivity.


For the most part, cold sensitivity can easily be addressed with using a “desensitizing” toothpaste or mouthwashes containing Fluoride. Fluoride helps “solidify” and strengthen the outer layer of the tooth, Enamel. I recommend brushing with Sensodyne toothpaste © twice a day and also incorporating ACT Mouthwash © three times a day to address the annoying occasional cold sensitivity. Its very important to NOT rinse your mouth with water or drink any water for 30-60 minutes after using the ACT Mouthwash ©.

If sensitivity can not be controlled with Over The Counter products, in office Fluoride Treatment will be recommended. If the sensitivity continues after these minimally invasive approaches, other treatments like fillings or crowns may be needed. Sensitivity may also result from Gum Recession in which case gum grafting may be recommended.

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Its very important to make a distinction between cold sensitivity that happens when you drink or eat something cold vs. sensitivity that occurs spontaneously. Spontaneous sensitivity or pain is a result of something more serious that requires immediate attention.

As always, proper oral hygiene is absolutely important. At every routine check-up (cleaning and exam) appointment, I will provide oral hygiene instructions to empower you to maintain a healthy and confident smile.

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