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The foods and drinks we consume have a great impact on our teeth. Its important to identify what is having a negative impact on our teeth and limiting the consumption. Sugar is the main culprit, the bacteria in our mouth use it as energy and the by product is acid which in turn breaks down our teeth causing a “cavity.”

Avoiding sugar all together is nearly impossible in our diets so the “quantity” we consume is important. Something else to consider is the “frequency” at which we consume sugar and this is as equally important to the quantity! The more frequently we expose our teeth to sugars, the more likely we are to develop cavities as this is having a “compounding effect.” For example, my patients who are more prone to cavities often report drinking coffee (with cream and sugar) or sodas throughout the day, one sip at a time. This habit of sipping on a cup of coffee (with cream and sugar) or a soda throughout the day is very bad for your teeth as you are constantly exposing your teeth to sugars. Its simply best to drink your coffee or soda faster.

Obviously proper oral hygiene, brushing and flossing twice a day, are equally as important. Having regular dental checkups and cleanings are also very important in identifying and addressing dental problems early. At each appointment in our Silver Spring MD dental office, we will go over oral hygiene instructions in detail and equip you with the tools and knowledge to avoid dental problems or emergencies.

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What other foods/drinks are causing damage to your teeth?

  • Chewing Ice: Ice was meant to cool down your drink, not to chew on! Chewing ice can cause your teeth to break or fracture leading to pain and dental emergencies.
  • Sport Drinks: These sorts of drinks are loaded with sugar, usually as much sugar in these drinks as sodas!
  • Certain Fruits: The main problem here is the acidity inherit in Citric Fruits and juices. The acid can break down your tooth’s outer layer, the enamel. You can always drink some water afterwards to neutralize it.
  • Sticky Candy and Foods: Since they stick onto your teeth longer, they are more likely to cause cavities.
  • Alcoholic Beverages: Alcohol tends to decrease the amount of saliva in your mouth and the less saliva = more cavities and gum disease.

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