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Emergency Dentist in Silver Spring Maryland – Same Day Dental Appointments

tooth-painAll dental emergencies can be potentially serious and should not be ignored as this neglect may lead to permanent damage such as tooth loss. We provide same day appointments for anyone having a toothache or dental emergency.

Walk-ins and Emergencies are also always welcomed.  

*Due to Covid 19, please call us at 301-565-4555 first!!*

Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Toothache – Tooth pain can be generally the result of a broken tooth, as well as a new cavity or decay under an old filling. It may also be from the by damage to the tooth as a result of grinding or clenching (Bruxism).  Generally there is not a whole lot you can do for tooth pain other than see a dentist immediately and take some temporary pain relievers such as ibuprofen or Tylenol in the meantime.
  • Chipped, Broken or Cracked tooth – A broken tooth can occur as a result of trauma: sports-related injuries, accidental falls, a car accident, or biting on hard food.  Cavities that are under the surface of the tooth will weaken the tooth from the inside which can also result in a fracture.  In these situations where a large portion of the tooth is broken off leads to very painful episodes because of the exposed nerves. Teeth with smaller cracks or fractures may or may not be painful and can be more difficult to detect.
  • “Bump on the gum” or Swelling – This is a sign of infection or abscess which is very serious.
  • Loose teeth – Generally this is because of periodontal disease which has damaged the supporting structures of the tooth and the tooth is loose.  Loose teeth can also be caused of trauma.
  • Lost Filling
  • Lost Crown – If your crown falls off, its either because you have cavities under the crown or it could be as simple as the glue has failed. When a crown falls off, you can be very sensitive because the inner parts of the tooth are now exposed.
  • Objects caught between your gums
  • Wisdom teeth hurting

If you are having a dental emergency, please call us at 301-565-4555 as Dr. Raoufinia would like to see you immediately.

Dr. Raoufinia will always do what he can to help you when you are in pain.  Having a toothache is an awful experience and Dr. Raoufinia is your Emergency Dentist, welcoming you with caring hands.

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