Oil Pulling

oil pulling dentist silver spring maryland

Oil Pulling Dentist in Silver Spring MD “Oil Pulling” is swishing or rinsing your mouth with oil, for example coconut oil, with the “hope” of improving your oral health and even general health. It has been suggested that the practice will improve oral health, whiten teeth, and overall health. Unfortunately …

Flossing and your Gums

gum disease dentist silver spring maryland

Dentist in Silver Spring MD If it feels like every time you see your dentist and the number one recommendation is for you to floss your teeth daily, it’s because YOU REALLY SHOULD!! Brushing alone does not prevent “gum disease”, flossing is a critical step in the process. Signs and …

Teeth Whitening

tooth whitening dentist silver spring maryland

Dentist in Silver Spring MD Coservative Whitening – Before Coservative Whitening – After One of the first things you see when you look in the mirror and smile is your teeth and many of my patients are concerned about the how “white” their teeth look. The easiest and fastest way …

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