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smiling-womanDuring your first appointment, Dr. Raoufinia will perform a Comprehensive examination and utilize Digital Radiographs to establish the current state of your oral health and discuss available treatment options.  At this appointment, a thorough Cleaning will also be provided.

Routine Preventive Care is also an essential part of you oral health to maintain a healthy smile.  Periodic examinations every 6 months are the best way for you to achieve this.  During every recall appointment, Dr. Raoufinia will thoroughly re-examine your teeth and gums for any changes in the past 6 months.  Identifying and correcting minor problems are critical in preventing costly problems down the road.  Prevention is Key.

Dr. Raoufinia is also a firm believer of the conservative approach to dental care and will discuss in detail all the options that are available to you.

“An informed patient is a healthy patient”


Placing a filling restores a cavity or a tooth that is damaged back to its normal shape and function.  Dr. Raoufinia will first remove the decayed portion of the tooth in a very conservative manner.  Once the decayed portion of the tooth is removed, Dr. Raoufinia will fill the area with a Composite Resin Filling material that is “tooth-colored”.  Composite Resins are a conservative approach to restoring small cavities and are able to match the shade of natural teeth to create an aesthetic AND functional restoration or “filling”.  Dr. Raoufinia does not restore teeth with Amalagam or “Silver” filling materials.

Crowns and Bridges

Sometimes referred to as “Caps”, Crowns are prosthetic devices that are cemented or “glued” permanently over a prepared tooth which is severely broken down. A tooth in this condition can no longer be restored with a filling.  Crowns will entirely cover or “cap” the tooth.  A bridge on the other hand is like a crown but is used to replace or “fill the gap” left by a missing tooth.

It follows the same concepts of a crown but the adjacent teeth to the gap are involved.  Crowns and Bridges can are made of very strong materials at a dental laboratory from a dental impression. They are highly Aesthetic and will match natural teeth in appearance and shade. Dr Raoufinia only uses the best laboratories and materials available today.


Veneers are thin “Shells” of porcelain that are cemented/bonded to your front teeth creating a natural and attractive look.  They are often done to create a “Hollywood Smile.” Like crowns, they are fabricated at the laboratory from an impression.  Veneers are a conservative approach to creating a beautiful smile as there is minimal tooth preparation or “Shaving of the tooth”.  This procedure is seldom covered by insurance companies as they are considered an aesthetic treatment. *If you are interested in having a consultation and receiving a Special Discount, please discuss it directly with Dr. Raoufinia during your next appointment.*

Root Canals

Root Canals are the treatment of choice when an injury or large cavity damages the tooth’s nerve. This is usually an emergency and one of the main causes of a tooth ache. In some cases, large fillings that are close to the nerve may be the cause of the tooth ache and a Root Canal may be needed. Untreated nerve damage can lead to infections and swelling. These types of situations are treated by taking out the damaged/infected tissues in the canals of the tooth and are subsequently filled with a permanent material. This procedure is highly effective in saving the tooth. After a root canal, it is highly recommended to build the tooth back up and to place a Crown over it to maintain the tooth.


Used as a last resort when a tooth has a “poor prognosis” and cannot be saved using the traditional methods (fillings, crowns etc).  It is the removal of a tooth from it’ socket. Before the tooth is taken out, there must be an established plan to replace the tooth. Dr. Raoufinia will take his time to discuss all the possible options before extracting a tooth. Options usually include Implants, Bridges and Removable prosthetic devices.


Implants are Titanium Posts (like the root of a tooth) that are surgically implanted into the bone where there is a missing tooth. The implant is then used to mount a crown onto it and thus replaces the missing tooth. This is often the most “conservative approach” in replacing a missing tooth.


Bleaching procedures are performed to change the shade of teeth – often referred to as “Whitening.” These procedures remove both surface and deep stains to dramatically whiten your teeth. Dr. Raoufinia recommends Bleaching Trays that are custom made for your teeth as they are the most efficient way to achieve and maintain the desired shade. This procedure is safe for your teeth and DOES NOT BREAK DOWN YOUR TEETH. Sensitivity is sometimes a side effect but there are reliable ways to alleviate this.
*Special Wedding Rate* – Bride and Groom bleaching trays only $400 – usually $400 per person.


Invisalign is a“clear” way to straighten teeth without metal braces. Custom made aligners are used to gradually and gently shift your teeth into the most functional and aesthetic position. In most cases this can be accomplished in about 12 months. These aligners are virtually invisible and barely noticeable to someone other than your dentist. Dr. Raoufinia is Invisalign Certified and can give you the smile you’ve always wanted.
*Special – As low as $99 per month through a convenient payment plan*

Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards are recommended when you Clench or Grind your teeth, a habit referred to as a Bruxism. Most patients are not aware of this habit since it may be happening during sleep. It is a very common condition and can be very harmful if left untreated, referred to as TMD. Temporomandibular Disorder which affects the Temporomandibular Joints (TMJ) can cause pain in the Jaw or Ear area, Headaches mimicking migraines, clicking or popping sounds when opening or closing and tenderness of jaw muscles to name a few. Mouth guards can be a good first step before other treatment options are discussed.

Dr. Raoufinia will always do what he can to help you when you are in pain.  Having a toothache is an awful experience and Dr. Raoufinia is your Emergency Dentist, welcoming you with caring hands in Silver Spring, Bethesda, Wheaton, Rockville, College Park, Chevy Case, Kensington, Adelphi, Takoma Park and Washington DC communities.

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