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implantImplants are Titanium Fixture (like the root of a tooth) that are implanted into the bone where there is a missing tooth. The implant is then used to mount a crown onto it and thus replaces the missing tooth. This is often the most “conservative approach” in replacing a missing tooth.

The implant can be placed in the upper or lower jaw where there is adequate amount of jaw bone.

It will bond with the bone or become “oseteo-integrated” over time and in turn serve as an anchor for the replacement tooth. This process can take anywhere between 3 to 6 months after 

the placement of the implant.   At this point if everything is successful, a Crown is placed on the Implant.

The main limitation is the volume of bone available for placement of the implant.  After a tooth is extracted or “pulled”, the socket where the tooth used to be can collapse and bone loss occurs.  It is important to “preserve the socket” with a “bone graft” material.  It is best to consider this before an extraction because once the volume of bone is lost, it will complicate implant placement in the future.

implants-modelTraditionally, the procedure has been performed in two steps or appointments.

  • During the first appointment, the dentist will place the implant, which is then left in place for 3 to 6 months to heal and integrate with the jawbone.
  • During the second appointment, the dentist will screw an Abutment onto the implant and then take an impression to a make Crown.

The procedure is typically Pain Free and most patients respond very positively!

It is absolutely important to have good oral hygiene at home to maintain your implant, routine dental cleanings are required.  If you have periodontal disease, you may not qualify for dental implants. 

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