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The term “Dental Bonding” refers to a tooth color composite resin (plastic) material that is used to replace portions of carious (cavity) tooth.  In the past Amalgam or “Silver Fillings” were used to restore (fix) cavities, however there has been a shift in treatment and Composites/Bondings are now mostly used to restore areas of teeth that have cavities.

Composites are more “conservative” meaning that less tooth structure is removed.  The more conservative we are, the better it is for the health of the tooth and the less we weaken it.  Another reason we have shifted towards doing more composite resins or “bondings” is because they are “tooth colored” and thus more aesthetic as seen in the picture below:


“Bondings” can also be used to restore small chips and fractures on the front teeth.

dental-bonding-dentist-silver-spring-maryland*It should be noted though that there have been NO CLINICAL STUDIES that have found that Amalgam or “Silver Fillings” have adverse effects on your health.  This is a big misconception. 

We often have patients asking “Should I have my silver fillings replaced?”  The simple answer to this question is that if everything is okay with the amalgam/silver filling, no cavities or fractures, it can remain in place without any problems.  If there is an aesthetic concern, meaning if you are unhappy with the way they look, then they can be replaced with Composites or “Bondings” but this would be purely for aesthetic reasons.

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