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Digital Dental Impressions

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Silver Spring Dentist In our dental office in Silver Spring Maryland we use the latest technologies to make the patient experience as positive as possible.  One particular technology that has made this possible is our intraoral digital scanner.  We use it in procedures like Invisalign and Crown procedures. What are …

ZOOM Whitening

zoom teeth whitening silver spring

Zoom Whitening  Teeth Whitening in Silver Spring  The ZOOM Whitening system is the Number 1 requested teeth whitening (or teeth bleaching) system and we are pleased to offer this system.  When you visit our dental office for Zoom teeth whitening, you can be confident that your smile will be whitened. This …

Dental Bonding

dental bonding dentist silver spring maryland

Dentist in Silver Spring MD The term “Dental Bonding” refers to a tooth color composite resin (plastic) material that is used to replace portions of carious (cavity) tooth. In the past Amalgam or “Silver Fillings” were used to restore (fix) cavities, however there has been a shift in treatment and …

Foods That Damage Your Teeth

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Dentist in Silver Spring MD The foods and drinks we consume have a great impact on our teeth. Its important to identify what is having a negative impact on our teeth and limiting the consumption. Sugar is the main culprit, the bacteria in our mouth use it as energy and …

Teeth Whitening

tooth whitening dentist silver spring maryland

Dentist in Silver Spring MD Coservative Whitening – Before Coservative Whitening – After One of the first things you see when you look in the mirror and smile is your teeth and many of my patients are concerned about the how “white” their teeth look. The easiest and fastest way …

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