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my-breath-smells-silver-springBad breath or Halitosis can be an embarrassing ordeal and all us have dealt with it at some point.

What causes Halitosis?

  • Poor Oral Hygiene: As food particles collect on & in between our teeth and on the surface of tongue, the natural occurring bacteria in our mouth will break it down using it as energy.  This in turn releases chemicals that have an odor which causes bad breath.  Proper oral hygiene including brushing twice a day, flossing and antiseptic mouth rinses like Listerine are absolutely essential.  Keep in mind that brushing your tongue will also remove the bacteria that contribute to odors.  Keep in mind that proper oral hygiene will also keep Periodontal Disease in check which can cause bad breath.
  • Dry Mouth: Not having the right amount of saliva can also contribute to halitosis since saliva helps wash away the food particles.  Certain medications, smoking, mouth breathing can also contribute to decreased saliva in the mouth.  Over the counter products like Biotene can help moisten the mouth if you suffer from dry mouth.
  • Certain Foods: Onions and Garlic have many great health benefits but unfortunately contribute to bad breath.  When these foods are digested, odor chemicals from them get absorbed into the bloodstream and are released in the lungs when we exhale.
  • Posterior Nasal Drip: Mucus from the nose and throat can also contribute halitosis.  As it drips down, the bacteria will use it as food and in turn odor causing chemicals are released.  Ear Nose and Throat specialists are the best to deal with these conditions once other contributing factors are eliminated.  

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